Sunday, July 15, 2012

Well it is official, I will be posting more to the blog. I have been contemplating for about a year and a half or so joining The Daring Kitchen and while my mom was here last week, between her and Ashley's encouragement I joined. I just got word early this morning that I have been accepted for at least the Daring Cooks Challenge, I am still awaiting word for Daring Bakers Challenge. I am super excited and can not wait to see what the first challenge I get to participate in will be. Be on the look out for it; if you are interested in seeing what it's all about you can check out The Daring Kitchen web site , I know this will be a fun challenge for me each month I just hope that family and friends will enjoy the benefits of my experimentation!!! To keep you posted, and be watching for the Daring Cooks reveals after the 14th of each month; NEVER before.. Happy cooking!

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