Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day at Hollywood Disney!

So we as a family are currently here in wonderful Orlando Florida spending time together as a family that is often 5.5 hours apart. So it is me and Ashley, Steph her kids and her fiancé Mike, then mom and dad! Let's talk ride and adventures first. We rode the Star Tours first which was a ride based on Star Wars which is one of my favorite series. Then the rest went and rode the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror then on to the Rock'n' Roller Coaster Staring Areosmith while mom, Kali, and I went shopping around the park. I shop because I so do not most of the rides, yep yep I am a whimp! I do have to say though that the Star Tours which was a 3D ride was awesome. We did the great movie ride which was okay but not necessarily as good as I expected it to be. We participated in a little bit of video gaming when the whole family tried their hands at the Toy Story Midway Mania, Ashley had the top score in our crew with 138,000. We also went to The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which is a live show spliced with clips from the movie. I though the first part of the show was the best when they used black like and had people dressed in black moving the puppets, then back to the Rock'n Rollercoster as Steph and Mike and the kids wanted another go at it, I should add the kids went a total of two times. Now I think I should talk about the food. So we are staying in one of the park hotels, which is nice, the food though is terrible. So far I have had stuff that would certainly only be considered sustenance. So certainly not something to write home about but certainly something to blog about. The best thing I had today was the beef with broccoli that was for dinner. We are all so very exhausted today but we all had a blast. Tomorrow is on to Epcot and we get to have dinner at the french restaurant; the one dinner most are looking forward to. Shopping has been good. I got a hat, and then noticed that there are some really nice looking things that might be fun to have for the kitchen. Will hopefully keep you posted about tomorrow. Sweet sleeping...

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