Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My husbands ice cream

So Ashley fell in love with brownie batter ice cream from Ben and Jerry's some time ago and all of the stores near us have stopped carrying it, not sure if anyone else does or not. Regardless, I thought I would be a good wife, and yesterday morning when I woke up I got my stuff together to make homemade ice cream yesterday afternoon. I looked all over the Internet and found a site that had a recipe for brownie batter ice cream, it is another woman's blog, and her site had the recipe for brownie batter ice cream on it, I did make an adjustment to the vanilla because I am using Mexican vanilla and it tends to be very strong. I mixed up all the ingredients and placed them in the fridge to chill. Once we were done with dinner I poured the mix into my ice cream freezer (Cuisinart) and 20 minutes later we were enjoying a small dish each of brownie batter ice cream. It was very yummy, not my favorite because chocolate is not really my thing but still good. Ashley enjoyed it, and the jury is still out, so I am sure after he has a bit tonight I will get a full verdict. This is the time for ice cream, I may need to bust out the books and find a few more recipes. Happy eating.

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