Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting started.

      So I was at lunch today with a friend who suggested after I talked about doing a blog about food that I should do it. I know so Julie and Julia of me, but I love the movie. I sat with the idea for a few hours before engaging in this project. I know many people who do cooking/food blogs, so I don't think this one will be very different, I however wanted to give myself an outlet and a way to encourage something new.
     Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a soft spot for books. I am not just talking any ol' book, I am talking cookbooks. Cookbooks, cooking magazines, cooking websites, they are all my weaknesses. Everything from food for kids to food's most people would not even contemplate putting in their mouths. I feel like I could easily travel the globe with some of the books that I have. Why cookbooks, I don't know but they have gotten to the point where they almost take over every room in the house. My husband can attest to that.
     I bring up cook books because I believe there is an idea here. What to do with all those cookbooks (we are talking hundreds when it gets right down to it)? Some people ask do I cook from all of them, have I cooked from all of them, or have I ever cooked from them? Other's just wonder if I really need another one; so I think may have come up with the idea for what I can do with those books and this blog! I will attempt to focus on a cook book at a time, doing a sort of book review of each. I will cook a few/or more recipes out of each book, and well for the ones that are keepers in the cookbook department I will keep and for the ones that are not will go. This will make the hubs very happy as I am sure he believes my books have taken over. So that is the start of the plan; I however have several other things in mind as well, from talking about new ingredients to stories of friends who have called me asking for help regarding a meal, recipe, or food.
      So who am I and why do I have a right to call myself a foodie. Well other then the fact that I love food I really have no reason to call myself a foodie. I am a social worker who currently works in an emergency room. I have been in the social work field in one form or fashion since 1997. I am happily married to a man, Ashley, who I believe makes me a better person, and we have three wonderful dogs. I have two wonderful parents who helped foster my love of food, and a sister who I have practiced countless cooking opportunities on before we went our ways as adults. My sister has two amazing children who I hope to be able to share my love of food with.
      My family, growing up I can always remember both my mother and father cooking. I can remember each had their own way of adding spices and heat. I can also say that both had variations on my favorite foods that to this day I still love.
      My dad's family I believe brought a love of seafood and southern comfort. I have many recipes for fish and shell fish as a result of my dad's side of the family having a love affair with the ocean. This love of the coast was carried on through the raising of his children. My mom's family had both frugality in mind as well as eating inspired by worldly travels. My mother was given a great opportunity to travel around the world and live in different parts of the world while growing up. I believe that when my mother and dad married their culinary skills and history were entrusted to me.
      I hope to share more as time goes by about family and friends who share a similar passion for food and cooking as I do; I also hope to share stories about friends and family who don't have that same love. In the mean time, I hope that this is a task that will be a fun learning culinary adventure for me. Until next time..

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  1. Kim, I am so excited you are doing a blog! I've become obsessed with mine I have to say- I love it! And I too am obsessed with cookbooks and finding new recipes...must be a family thing:) I can't wait to see some of your yummy recipes! Miss you and hope to see you soon!

    Your blogging cousin :)